Dominio del Bendito achieved great scores with Robert Parker

Our winery from DO Toro, Dominio del Bendito has achieved as usual great scores with Robert Parker that we are happy to share with you:

Perlarena rosé 2020: 91+

The blend of the 2020 Perlarena is unusual as he didn’t have enough grapes, so it’s 65% Syrah, 15% Tinta de Toro and the rest white grapes. Despite the warmer year and higher alcohol, it has more acidity and is perhaps more fruit-driven, with a bitter twist in the finish. This wine absorbs the oak quite well. 2,970 bottles produced.

Buen rollo 2019: 90

The idea behind the 2019 El Buen Rollo was to produce a more fluid Toro wine, more fruit-driven, but 2019 produced ripe wines—and this hits 16% alcohol (on the label). It’s juicier and has rounder tannins, but it’s a bit heady, with a curious nose that combines very ripe fruit with herbs. It’s showy and balanced in its style. 43,236 bottles produced.

Primer paso 2019: 90+

The 2019 vintage combines quantity and quality, and the wines are ripe and round, as I could see in the 2019 El Primer Paso. The wine reveals ripe berries and integrated spice after six months in barrel. It’s full-bodied, with abundant, slightly dusty tannins. 69,460 bottles produced.

Las Sabias 2018: 94 – new vintage to be released in this month 

Tasted next to the 2017, the 2018 Las Sabias stole the show. It has ripeness, depth and complexity, and the palate feels very harmonious in the Titán XL style. It’s still a baby that needs a little bit of time to polish its tannins, and it should develop for a long time in bottle.

Titan del Bendito 2018: 95+  – new vintage to be released this month

The tour de force Tinta de Toro 2018 El Titan del Bendito is a full-bodied, full-throttle red with ripe fruit and generous oak produced in an XXL way with plenty of everything but that comes through as balance, deep and complex, even at this very early age. It should be long lived.

Titan is the 2d highest rated wine in this tasting!.

Luis Gutierrez’s general comments on the winery:

Dominio del Bendito is one of the most characterful projects in Toro. Antony Terryn has built a new winery that was built in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, built in a gravel pit, so mostly buried in a hole. It was almost ready in June 2020 for the harvest! I tasted a good number of wines from 2018, which Terryn calls “an example of good balance and good structure, without a doubt one of the best recent vintages. Maybe a tad more tannic than 2016, but we will see over time. I see 2018 with a bit more punch and sparkle than 2016, but most likely I’ll be wrong!” That’s him!

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