Bodegas del Rosario

Since Roman occupation we have found in Bullas elements related to the winemaking tradition. The most significant fact about the intense wine production in Bullas is provided by the large

Vega Demara

In the family Mateos Higuera we are more than four decades devoted to the exciting world of viticulture. Our philosophy is to make prime the quality of our grapes, to

Fea Cava

La Fea Cava is produced in the Raventós Rosell winery, an estate in the municipality of Masquefa, with the Montserrat mountain as its main façade. Raventós Rosell has 52 hectares


In 1985 Adolfo de las Heras Marín, purchased an estate of extremely high ecological and viticultural importance. Finca El Renegado, has 540 hectáreas in total, 80% of the vineyards are

Domini de la Cartoixa

Clos Galena is the dream come true of its founder Miguel Pérez, who firmly believed in the ecological potential of the Priorat vine and started his project in 1999. Passionate

Dominio del Bendito

Dominio del Bendito is the dream of Antony Terryn, a young Frenchman who searched during a long time for a high quality vineyard which would enable him to produce wines

Teófilo Reyes

Teófilo Reyes was a visionary, a man who divined the future of a region and its maximum exponent, a player who bet everything on a single card: quality and excellence.

La Granadilla

Bodegas La Granadilla is our family winery in Nava del Rey, a village in the province of Valladolid, Spain. It’s where we have developed our skills over the generations to

Paloma de Plata

The story says that the dove /paloma is the symbol of candor, simplicity and innocence and especially peace or harmony, like our wines! Some people have great respect for these birds


“La Fea” comes from a land full of history, Aragón. The origin of this name: It was the nickname of Queen “Isabel The Catholic” as she was known in that part

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